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 D.S.L. has a professional customs clearance team, which is selected strictly and familiar with each port of all types of cargo declaration/clearance process and the customs regulations, policies, also has rich experience in the first line of customs clearance, professional knowledge of the customs broker.

 The profession and skill make every step in our operation quickly and efficiently to deliver the goods to the destination

 D.S.L. can serve you about the freight, customs clearance and all aspects of the question, it also can provide you the most suitable, fastest and ideal logistics program based on your cargo type, size, destination and all your requests, in order to release all your worries and scruple.

 (Origin、Certificate)(Origin, Certificate) documents: It can issue various of relative certificates for Customers in order to make all convenient, simple, quick, and did its best to help you delivered the goods smoothly.

 Insurance: to be signed a contract with the insurance company directly, cover a variety of modes of transportation, many kind of goods, enjoy preferential rates, easily effect insurance. All is followed up by Dragon and don’t need to wory about a claim.