Dragons logistics (Guangzhou) co.,ltd .


D.S.L., named as Guangdong YongSheng Logistics Freight Service Co.,Ltd., was successfully established in Dec 9th, 1998 at a small hotel room 818, with registered capital reaching to 500,000 RMB which was quite big amount at that moment.

Dragon Sky International Trading Co. ltd was finally registered in Sep 2000 while YongSheng was actually devoted to auxiliary of logistics distribution and tools of international transportation for D.S.L.

When the qualification for International Freight Agent opened in May 2003, YongSheng was successfully honored as First Level Qualification of International Freight Agent. Meanwhile, YongSheng also obtained TG Freight Agent Qualification, which was a big step movement under the business line with Pakistan, Bangladesh.

D.S.L. was officially founded in Hongkong in October 12th, 2005, which marks the windows opening to the world. After that, D.S.L. (called as YongSheng) of Guangzhou and Shanghai Branch was overwhelmingly becoming a comprehensive development cooperation in the fields of logistics, import and export agents, electrical commerce logistics.

In order to catch up big volume business system for the company, D.S.L. was awarded the I.S.O Certificate by the well-known International Certification Company B.S.I in December 7th, 2007, which provides further combination more closely with suppliers, organization, and customer so that it makes a big achievement for company's management standard.

After all the past years’ effort, D.S.L. obtained WCA qualify on 2008, While Guangzhou Golden Way International Trading Company Ltd was specially set up to meet more and more customers for foreign exchange in import and export declaration business needs. Now G.G.W. has a very good reputation in the domain of delivery, transportation, customs clearance, logistics, distribution and other one-stop import and export logistics supply chain service.

No matter it was in the past or it is in the future, D.S.L. would and will still highly keep moving forward with industry standard as mission and ‘customer comes first’ as center. May all the suppliers and customers are willing to work with D.S.L. to create a fantastic future.