Dragons logistics (Guangzhou) co.,ltd .


Dragon-Sky logistics(China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter D.S.L.), found in Hongkong in 1998, now is growing as an international integrated logistics enterprise. D.S.L. is committed to global customers with providing professional, fast, safe transportation service in the range of sea, train, truck and air as well. As far as the time goes, D.S.L. is keeping "customer comes first" as mission to pursue more values for the society, for the whole world. After constant efforts all these years, D.S.L. is stably standing in the top list of global freight forwarder with good and organized industry standards and norms, so as that to make as much as we can for the progress of international logistics.

After over a decade rapid and steady development, D.S.L. now has become a large-scale logistics group with several facilities in different provinces and cities locates in China, such as Dragon-Sky logistics (China) Co., Ltd., Dragon-Sky logistics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., and Guangzhou Golden Way International Trading Company Ltd (hereinafter G.G.W.)…etc.

In the foreign exchange payment and customs clearance of import and export business, G.G.W. has successfully obtained BIOMEDIC (GUANGZHOU) LIMITED , Toshiba, Fuyao and other import and export agent project under competitive bidding. What is most but not least, G.G.W. won the Baiyun Toshiba Chinese exclusive import logistics supplier qualification at the end of 2013. By that time, The turnover in the business of import and export foreign exchange payment has amounted to $50,000,000, meanwhile, the group annual business volume also breaks the record of $100,000,000.

As far as the financial crisis in 2008, to some extent, it did affect the export business in China. Since then, D.S.L. starts to adjust the business heart from export to import, mainly focus on North America (like United States, Canada), Western countries in Europe (like Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Holland), Asia (like Singapore, South Korea, Japan) which are developed markets in the import business, in order to build the core competence for the corporation in the logistics industry. Regarding the export business, D.S.L. pays more attention to the enhance of foreign network and quality of agents, which is to ensure the punctuality of delivery and customs clearance , to obtain the terminal logistics consumer recognition and to win over the market share finally.

Over all these years, D.S.L is always carrying the principle of cooperated attitude and being together with all our suppliers, making efforts get to the boundary of win-win concept, shoulder by shoulder in competition and the growth in participation. Now D.S.L is trying to set up a high-quality logistics resources system, which is committed to the establishment of a free and open sharing with all our suppliers in competitive advantage to highly win over the terminal logistics consumer recognition and support, so that all partners can make progress and make profit together. D.S.L believes that no matter domestic agents for air, for sea or foreign strategic partners, getting together means creating miracle for the whole logistic in the world.

Hereby D.S.L is promising what we flows is not only the goods, but also the value and principle to the whole world.